Saturday, September 15, 2012

Roof and stone

Progress has been amazing on the house! 
Some days it seems like all I do is house-related things.  Other days I am frustrated by the progress (or seeming lack of).  Not all days can move at warp speed, I know.  I am just ready to be in and be settled finally!

Here are some pics to remind me of the progress!

Composition roof going on

Love the windows in the Living room that go up 2 stories!

Frame for the front door and temp doors so sheetrocking can begin next week.

Our stone!  Brick is sitting on the top right of the pile.  Composition roof is on the top left and metal roof in the top middle.  I love the combo together!

Looking into the attic at the duct work.  It's a spiderweb up there!

Looking out the big living room windows at the beautiful oak tree in the back yard.

Rock was delivered today!  Yea!

The front ... so far.

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